Founded in 1951 by Raymond Sergeant, Traffic Lines is one of the oldest road marking companies in the United States. Raymond was a police officer but took out a small loan to buy the equipment he needed to paint parking lots. He began by striping the parking lots in his free time, but eventually, the business grew to a point where it could be his sole profession. Traffic Lines soon began striping far more than parking lots. By 1967 Raymond’s 9-year-old son, Mark, began to help him with Traffic Lines. Mark spent over 25 years working on the road, learning every facet of the business. He innovated and patented technologies that revolutionized the industry and that are still used today. Mark became President when Raymond retired in 2006 and since then has continued to grow Traffic Lines and innovate. Today, Mark’s son Matt, follows in his footsteps, working on the road learning the business operations from the ground up. He plans to continue learning from his father as they work together with veteran employees to bring Traffic Lines Inc. to its next chapter.